Presentations and proceedings

Proceedings published online by CEUR Vol-1374

Below find links to proceedings text + slides of presentaions

Session 1. Opening

  1. Ian Sommerville. “Designing software for a million users: it’s not about the technology (keynote). Slides

Session 2. Teaching and Practice

  1. Gil Regev, Laura Regev, Yasmina Naïm, Julie Lang and Alain Wegmann. “Teaching an Ethnographic Approach to Requirements Elicitation in an Enterprise Architecture Course(experience report). Slides
  2. Peter Bednar and Moufida Sadok. “Socio-Technical Toolbox for Business Systems Analysis and Design(experience report). Slides
  3. Steven Alter. “Sociotechnical Systems through a Work System Lens: A Possible Path for Reconciling System Conceptualizations, Business Realities, and Humanist Values in IS Development” (position paper). Slides

Session 3. Theory and Practice

  1. Bert Painter, Pamela Posey, Douglas Austrom, Ramkrishnan Tenkasi, Betty Barrett and Betsy Merck. “Sociotechnical Systems (STS) in Coordination of Virtual Innovation Work” (research paper). Slides
  2. Lars Taxén. “A Neurobiological Perspective on Socio-Technical Systems” (research paper). Slides
  3. Thomas Herrmann and Alexander Nolte. “Sociotechnical Requirements Specification – an example of continuous support for collaborative modelling and design”  (experience report). Slides

Session 4. Diverse Issues

  1. Mohamad Gharib and Paolo Giorgini. “Modeling and analyzing Information Quality Requirements of Socio-technical Systems: Experience Report” (experience report). Slides
  2. Paola Mauri. “The Process Analysis as a Frame to Merge Social and Technical Issues in the Design of Information and Management Systems” (position paper). Slides
  3. Michela Cozza and Antonella De Angeli. “Scaling up the engagement in participatory design” (position paper). Slides
  4. Ilia Bider. “Functional Decomposition of a Socio-Technical System: What is Missing?(position paper). Slides

 Session 5. Posters

  1. Zaruhi Aslanyan, Marieta Georgieva Ivanova, Flemming Nielson and Christian W. Probst. “Modelling and Analysing Socio-Technical Systems“. Poster
  2. Mariusz Nowostawski, Stewart Kowalski and Jeffy Mwakalinga. “HIPing Innovation Education in University.Introducing Socio-technical concepts for Cross-disciplinary teams in Applied Computer Sciences“. Poster